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When life gives us lemons......
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Soybean Lederhosen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Sometimes...I dreeeamm about cheeese...
  • Listening to: Alkaline Trio
  • Reading: Another Conspiracy Book by George Orwell
  • Watching: Deadman Wonderland
  • Playing: Sunset Overdrive(MY EEEYYYEESSS)
  • Eating: eel
  • Drinking: Iced Tea yo
agged by :iconduoduo66: 

1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make your own ten questions for the people you tag to answer.
3) Choose ten people and put their icons and/ or username on this journal.
4) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
5) You have to legitimately tag ten people.
6) No tag-backs.
7) Can't say, no tags.
8) Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.
9) Go to the tagger's page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got tagged" journal entry.

(I don't think rules 4 and 9 are necessary because notifications)

(Who dis from?)
1. Are you mad at me for tagging you?

2. Do you watch anime?

3. Do you know your Touhou?
Sorry, I don't play Desu Desu Murder Land.

4. Do you TF2?
Ams Hat God

5. What are your thoughts on the Almighty Lord Gabe Newell?
He is Great Hat Crowbar Teleportation Device Sequel Lord...or GHCTDSL,for short.

6. Can I eat your nose?
Sure. I don't need it anyways.

7. Do you snort when you laugh?
...Yes, sometimes.

8. Is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure bizarre enough for you?
Needs more posing

9. What's your favourite video game music?
Can't decide between Halo, Bioshock, FF, DS, PL, etc. Soundtracks

10. Are my questions dumb? (this is rhetorical but answer it anyway you dingus)
Not at all, dear.

(Flo, maybe?)

My questions (lol)...

1. Do you like trains?
o____o Yes, I like trains

2. Trees are great, right?
Yeah, too bad they have ants.

3. I'm not good with creative questions, wanna help me make one? 
Sure thing. What's the weight of the universe?

4. What's your addiction/obsession?
I have many. Effeminate men, Darksiders(as repetitive as it was), purple and green, guys in hoochie shorts, Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, this is but a quarter.

5. Do you like hot, sexy guys?

6. Chinese food or Vietnamese food?
Pho Dac Chicken balls (answer: yes)

7. Do you still have something you hug when you sleep (ex. body pillow/stuffy/person/etc.)
I have a little pony plushy, a widdle gator, Alucard, and a miniature body pillow

8. Can I have your WiFi password?
Sure, it's *********.

9. Llamas or Alpacas?
10. Satisfied? :cryingla: 

1. What was the first anime you watched?

2. Yaoi? Yay or Nay? 
Triple Yay

3. Favourite OTP?
....(shit, can't decide.)

4. What are you listening to right now?
Untz Untz music

5. Favourite Food?
Anything with Eel

6. Do you like cheese?
I Love cheese. FRYING CHEESE.

7. Why are you answering these questions?
Because I have nothing better to do with my time. I could be studying or doing my assignments, but no, my mind tells me to do this.

8. Character you hate the most?
Lori. She should've died sooner.

9. Favourite artist on DA?
Probably Mathia Arkoniel(or however the heck it's spelled), or CherrySplice

10. Why cant i think of a last question?
Because you're...a rebel.Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 

+++++++++++++BREAKIN DA LAW BREAKIN DA LAW+++++++++++++

1. Do you have a moment to speak of our lord and savior, Shrek?Rainbowz Happy Lenny Emote (Small) :bademoticon: 

2.What have you learned in boating school?

3. On a scale of 1 to IT'S MY ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE, how amazing is your OTP(if you have one, if not, apply to a pet, or sugar...)

4.Don't you wish your chicken was hot like mine?KFC Chicken Epic Dance KFC Chicken Dance (Want some) [V1] KFC Chicken Dance (I luv dis) [V1] KFC Chicken Dance (Uh-huh uh-huh) KFC Chicken Dance (Oh yeah) [V1] 

5.How can you tell when you run out of invisible ink?(This really is a problem for me.)

6.Why is 11 not pronounced as "Onety-one?"

7.Is :bademoticon:  illuminati?:harrisonseizure: :lennoncrazy: :paulcreepy: I'D LIKE TO BE IN OCTOPUS GARDEN, WOULD YOU? Zurashii Srs Bsns Emote filthy frank gif by UnknownSpartanTommy

8. Who es #1 hue?Chibi Metaller Mordekaiser by TekkanoMaki-chan


10.What is...Dramaticdean your favourite colour?

:bademoticon: $$$$$$$$$$$$$KASHMONEYTAGTIME$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:bademoticon: 

:icongalactic-hime: :icondragona7x: :iconridiculousrickolous: :iconsasukexodenys::iconpuccapieoxox: :iconlydynasty: :iconfangirlforever16: :iconsheltin115: :iconalynnbvb: :iconwormhappy1plz:

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